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I have considerable experience writing for diverse audiences across all channels. I have managed all marketing communications for the admission office of an elite, liberal arts college, written compelling blog pieces, composed concise summaries for web, and simplified technical language in product marketing. 

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print: postcards

Market research indicates that institutional commitment to sustainability is increasingly important to prospective college students and families. This print postcard educates prospective students about sustainability at the college through the perspective of a recent graduate. 

In the midst of a pandemic, the college search process has been altered for prospective students by eliminating on-campus visit options. This print postcard promotes the comprehensive virtual offerings for students who are just getting to know the college. 

print: letter

High school students are inundated with marketing materials from higher education institutions, many of them small, liberal arts colleges. This letter highlights the most distinctive and compelling features of this unique college experience. 

Reed College is unlike any other place. Often referred to as one of the most intellectual colleges in the country, when you get to know us, you’ll see that we do things in our own unique way, For example, every year, we invite students and community members to teach each other about their passions in interactive lessons and lectures during Paideia week. We gather as an entire community to discuss important issues as we did this spring at our Reed Union. And we share traditions, both adventurous and academic, that go back to our inception. 


When you engage with Reed in our virtual events, you’ll meet the faculty and students who make Reed the intellectual space it is. Take a live virtual tour of campus, including residence halls and our canyon nature reserve. Sit in on classes where you experience Reed’s iconic conference-style classroom environment. Hear from students how the Reed community commits to an honor principle that is a living, breathing agreement instead of a set of rules. 


It may sound unconventional, but students who come to Reed don’t need to change who they are to fit in. At Reed, you bring the questions that drive you to learn more and turn those into academic projects, experiments, and clubs. Most students go on to complete high-level research on a topic that has never been carefully studied before. Our students embrace curiosity and professors encourage the investigation of paradoxes. No project is too big, no question too absurd. At Reed, we expect you to stay true to who you are and to dive into the kind of deep learning that will change you and the world. 


Reed graduates are inventors, artists, researchers, leaders, healers, and advocates. And it all starts with the kind of classroom where everyone has the opportunity to speak, discuss their ideas, and question conventional wisdom. 


Whenever you can, consider visiting campus in Portland, Oregon. Only Reed feels like Reed, and Portland’s reputation as a vibrant and artistic city will not disappoint.

web: email

Once admitted to colleges, students have a period of 1-2 months to enroll at the college of their choice. This email conveys one of the core ethos of the college—curiosity—and draws a connection to the scholarly research component of the academic experience.

On your first day of classes at Reed, you might notice the decorative architecture of Eliot Hall. It will be hard to miss the group of students dressed in togas and welcoming first-year students to their first-ever Humanities 110 lecture. However, what might stand out to you the most is the abundance of questions, the wealth of curiosity, and the spirit of intellectual inquiry you'll find in every Reed classroom. 

That drive to know more and to seek new knowledge is supported by faculty who are eager to guide students toward hands-on experiences in every field. Students at Reed engage in research throughout their academic careers, and many use their breaks and summers to conduct study in labs, travel for internships, and puruse creative opportunities. 

The culmination of all this curiosity is the senior thesis—an experience that provides students the opportunity to deepen their skill sets as scholars, contribute to their fields of knowledge, and make new connections between academia and the real world. 

What begins as curiosity ends in the creation of new knowledge, and of course, further questions. 

web: page

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused uncertainty and confusion for prospective college students and their families. On this page, concerned families can learn about the college's careful and thorough response to the pandemic while also discovering new ways to experience the college virtually.

web: blog

Lael Petersen works with individuals who are looking to actualize their goals; her program is built on incremental habit changes that lead to dramatic life shifts. This blog post describes a common pain point and uses metaphor and narrative to invite the audience to imagine a path to their unrealized dreams. 

app: podcast

Brodie Welch produces weekly podcasts on wide-ranging topics related to health and wellness. This concise summary promises key information from the podcast while the biography contextualizes the guest's expertise on the podcast topic.

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